Won't Back Down
Dream Syndicate
Electric Rodeo
Memories of Joe
Hudson Gradations
Licence and Registration
The Let it Loose Caboose
El Torro de la Noche
Summer Wonder
Le Gigilo
Cowboy Mark
Because the Night
Portrait of Oliver Reed
Deep Forest
Another Saturday Night
"Fallen Hero"
Homeland Security
Regime Change
"Nightmare Express"
"Special Delivery"
 "Bear Paw"  12" x 16"  $350.
 "Smokey the Bear"  28' x 34"  $ 600.
 "Barbarian Romance"  24" x 34"  $800.
 "King Neptune"    24" x 34"  $800.
 "Lion in Winter"    24" x 34"  $800.
 "my Escape Plan" 16" x 20"  $600.
 "THOR Alarm Fire"  16" x 20"  ( In Private Collection).
 "Let's Burn Down the Cornfield"  24" x 46"  $800.
"The Beast Within"
"That Night"
"I'll Fly Away"
"Great Strides"
"Fascinating Monster"
"The Long Goodbye"
"Prayer Warrior"
"Local Color"
"Rocky and his Racoon"
"Moondog" 14" x 24" 2015.
"Freeze Frame"
"Serious Daddy"
"All Gruffed Up"
"Journey's End"
Car Trouble
Return to Forever
"Yawning Beast"
"Life's Wild Ride"
Moon over  Muhheakantuck (River Spirit)
"Thick Slab"
"Called Home" Oil on Canvas 18"x 24" 2016.  $600.
"Tequila Sunrise" Oil on board ; 24"x 36" 2016  $800.
"Early Riser" Oil on Canvas 16"x 20" 2016. $ 500.
"Meat Locker"
"Midnight Rider"
"The West is the Best"
"Midnight Blue"
"Retirement Plan"
"Spark of Life"
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